Mmucl - Mark's MUd CLient

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Mmucl (pronounced muckle) is a mud client written in Tcl and distributed under the Gnu General Public License. Mmucl has a number of interfaces both graphical and text based.



As you can see from the date of the last announcement, development has pretty much stopped. Mmucl 2.0 has been largely done for a long time, but I have lacked the will to finish it up and make a release. Perhaps I'll get to it eventually, but no promises.


This is the first release in quite a while. There are a few bug fixes, but the release is mostly to remind people Mmucl is still alive and to sync up with Tcl-Gtk. You will need the 0.08 release of Tcl-Gtk to use the gnome interface. Also included is a MudMaster-compatible chat system contributed by Kurt Hutchinson. See script/contrib in the distribution.

Now that I have some free time, I want to do a few quick releases and get a stable 2.0 out in a couple months. Now's the time to let me know about new features. I'll be going though the bugs and feature requests on sourceforge or you can just email me.




The developement 1.5.x releases require Tcl 8.4 or better.
Tcl can be downloaded at


Available from SourceForge.

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Mark Patton